My Society

I am lost in society and its ideas. My association with it has stumbled me out of myself or rather the person I would want to be, the person I hoped to be. Being careless with my heart, I give away my attention every time this society displays its dazzling smile to me and soon, I know, I will reap my false happiness in the form of distress.

Feet that are quick to run into a burning barn, without flinching or fear, openly yearning to be hurt. I can’t recall fraternising with death, not when I was elated over something or someone. I am only tempted to sign an agreement with death when I have not been handed any reasons to be temporarily happy. Temporary happiness which drenches me to my bones and my heart, I am almost addicted to this cycle. Society has groomed and taught me this.


3 thoughts on “My Society

  1. Hey there! I found you in the community pool.
    Epic. Your writing is awesome, captivating, and very inspiring. You could get lost in it. Interestingly enough, I like how short this post is. It says all that needs to be said and that’s it.
    If you actually feel this way, consider becoming a Christian (or specifically a Catholic) if you aren’t already one. God is the only true source of happiness your ever going to get in this world and the next.
    Please consider checking out my blog at

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