Develop a story in your mind; imagine the characters and the roles they will play. Imagine their features and their character traits. Pick your favourite and identify with them and their successes and their challenges. I repeat this ritual when I think of you. You develop a new role in my imagination each day, season and year. I identify with you and I share in your successes and your challenges. I know your familiar smell and the feel of skin; your pores speak to me. Our minds intertwine without words. Just one look and the sun will set with vulnerable colours and I swim in you. I swim by your night-stand while the moon gazes at us. I linger while you sleep. But in your dreams I am more real to you and we dance under cherry blossom trees, drunk with ecstasy and elation. I imagine you in the mind of a skilled sculptor; perfect precisions words cannot explain; only works can evoke the mind to see what lies beneath the temples of your being. Radiant and bright with precious stones and toxic metals, lasting forever, intoxicating. Like a song that plays over and over in my head. You live in my dreams; there you torture my soul and mock me over and over again.  I yearn for your affection but I am tormented by your grief while I swim for endless hours.


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