A Letter To My Unborn Sister

We have grown side by side; insignificant embryos to fetuses. Our backs face each other; we turn and swim inside the womb of our mother. We face each other and feel the presence of ourselves.

A close bond between three souls, two sisters and their mother. A close bond we will share until we lay still in the sand.

You are my other half, without you l am incomplete. I am like a ship without an anchor, drifting for hours on end to a destination unknown. Without you I am like a kite without an owner to guide and treasure it. My beautiful unborn sister, I am writing a letter to you.

From the point of our being conceived in concealment to our time spent together in our protective space- our mother’s womb, we have shared a relationship that many people envy and cannot comprehend its depth. A relationship from the beginning of our lives. There exist few relationships like ours. I am truly blessed my beautiful unborn sister.

At night you slept while I played and during the day I slept while you looked after me. Our bodies developed slowly over the months while we gathered memories for ourselves. You prepared me for our birth; you are certainly stronger than I.

I have been blessed by your existence in my life. We share blood, a womb and each other’s emotions, nothing and no one can divide us and our bond. I would never be strong enough to go through birth alone that is why you are here with me. My beautiful unborn sister, you are my provider of comfort.

I wish I could spend more time with you in our mother’s womb. The thought of leaving our nest breaks my heart; I don’t desire to leave our home.

My unborn sister, I have come to love you although I cannot see you. I have come to love our mother and her warm voice. I hear the voice of our father saying, “Twin girls!”

We are sisters; we are tied to each other because of the blood we share. My heart will always be tied to you; we sat and ate together in our mother’s womb, joyous meals. How could I ever forget you? It is unthinkable.

No words can express or describe our relationship. We feel an invisible rope pulling us together. A letter to my unborn sister who is my anchor, strength and comforter.


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