The Phrase

I pen down “I love you” three times. Signifying completeness, a sad perfection. I chant the phrase repeatedly like a prayerful hymn. I chant it while I encircle the iron cast throne we build as one. I tie the phrase to my ankle, my wrist and my forehead. A constant evocative reminder to myself. Strong feelings … More The Phrase

My Society

I am lost in society and its ideas. My association with it has stumbled me out of myself or rather the person I would want to be, the person I hoped to be. Being careless with my heart, I give away my attention every time this society displays its dazzling smile to me and soon, … More My Society


These are the last words of my filth, my bellowing and fleeting youth. I’ve had thousands of conversations with myself, debating my true motives, questioning my religion, scrutinizing those I have affection for. Tiring hours of pointless words which formulate sentences, can my soul rest in peace during a summer’s night? It slips through my … More .

Captured Slave

You braid a rope, a threefold cord. Close and tight and you make me noose to tie around my neck. You give me a choice: to hang or worship you for an unending time. I can’t decide as both are tempting commitments. A weight around my curved neck. A captured slave with a wooden bar … More Captured Slave


Develop a story in your mind; imagine the characters and the roles they will play. Imagine their features and their character traits. Pick your favourite and identify with them and their successes and their challenges. I repeat this ritual when I think of you. You develop a new role in my imagination each day, season and … More Nameless